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Welcome to


mall.live is a meta-verse virtual shopping mall developed with blockchain as the underlying technology.

About Mall.live

  • Mall.live is a meta-verse virtual shopping mall developed with blockchain as the underlying technology.
  • This system integrates e-commerce into the blockchain technology with the structure of a virtual community, it combines leisure and entertainment, games, virtual community, work environment, and meta-verse live interaction, creating a never before seen and brand new version of e-commerce.
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  • Users can participate in the virtual world as their own personalized 3D image, making it easier to identify each user easily, so that users can interact among each other to obtain a realistic virtual networking experience. This platform directly reflects the user’s behavior, thus making the 3D virtual meta-verse world more intuitive.
  • The user will participate in the virtual life with a customized 3D image, which will make it easier for the user to identify with the virtual image, and at the same time, it can perform on-site interaction of multiple people, to obtain a more realistic virtual interpersonal network experience. User’s freedom of behavior will facilitate this platform’s direct reflection of the user’s own personal, thus making the 3D virtual meta-verse world more intuitional and expressive than any other applications on the internet.

Retail pattern of the Meta-verse virtual shopping Mall

The retail pattern of the meta-verse virtual shopping mall integrates both real life retail products and virtual products in the virtual world which is known as NFT.

Mall.live is an e-commerce platform that provides shopping services for both virtual and reality goods. This will promote and enhance the participation of both online and offline retail community to the blockchain and crypto world in order to experience the system that brings revolutionary innovation. Currently, sections in which cryptocurrency can be put into practical use is very limited, for example, purchasing NFT. This system will drive the expansion of the applications of cryptocurrency, and introduces it to more transaction. Users will be able to purchase using cryptocurrency, resulting the infinite expansion application scope of cryptocurrency.

Transactions of retails in the meta-verse shopping mall (physical product and NFT), is mainly supported by two different background operating systems, both conduct transactions with digital currency with blockchain as the underlying technology, the difference is that the physical retail products will be shelved, sold, and delivered by a revised e-commerce software system – BaaS (Blockchain as a Service), while sales of virtual product – NFT will be completed by ownership transition using BEP-721.

Mall.live is a meta-verse virtual version of the real commercial retail world selling both real-life physical products and virtual world product – NTF. Users will experience both real and virtual life in a meta-verse world, gradually obtaining a balance between the two without any sense of incongruity. This is also the world’s first meta-verse mall platform that integrates both physical and virtual products, highlighting the convenience of life enhance by technology, and at the same time broadening knowledge and contact of the substantial benefits and positive changes brought to us by the blockchain technology.

$LIVE token will be used as the platform’s exclusive digital currency in mall.live. $LIVE token will be accepted and supported on various different mainstream cryptocurrency exchanging platform.

$LIVE token plays an extremely important role in the ecosystem as it will be use to perform and complete all transaction in the system.

Currency - $LIVE token

Mall.live operates on blockchain technology, which enables retail businesses to sell their products and services on a completely new platform.

Digital development has increasingly became the backbone of the global market, and the meta-verse is very accommodating to the field of encryption.

$LIVE token is the transaction medium of mall.live, users can earn and use $LIVE token through the economic system, such as purchasing NFT and virtual property/real estate, or spending on games in the virtual world.

Property / Asset model

  • Before merchants and users starts selling products (physical product and NFT) and services, they will first be required to purchase Tierra (mall.live’s property) using $LIVE token (mall.live’s currency), then proceed to build or construct their own shop according to personal preference. A built-in template will be provided by the system, very easily operated. An alternate choice will be to engage other users/players on the platform through P2P to obtain their services to built it for you. Products and goods will be displayed and sold through the envisioned background of the software after the construction is done.
  • Tierra (Land) is a form of industry/asset in mall.live and it comes with limited quantity. Owned through BEP-721 smart contracts, users can buy, sell, transfer or rent the land. Tierra comes with relatively different sizes and values depending on different regions.
  • Each and every land in the meta-verse is permanently valid, it can be resold multiple times, with its ownership proved by the blockchain contract.

Game mode

Besides operations of retail businesses after obtaining ownership of Tierra (land), users can also design and create games through technically revised Godot Game Engine. To simplify, the game itself has no storyline, no limits. Players experience the fun by exploring and constructing. By playing, players can acquire assets by creating gameplay or in-game models and props for commercial purposes. Circulation of assets is transferable to cash thought the platform or the blockchain world.

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Entertainment and Leisure

mall.live is a meta-verse virtual world that combines business and entertainment, entertainment activities includes but is not limited to : cultural landmarks, zoos and aquariums, museums, libraries, water activities, cruise and theme parks, leisure and games, central parks, sci-fi related attractions (sci-fi world, fantasy, fairy tales, interstellar scenes), natural attractions (international famous landmarks, adventure scenes, future world vision, tropical rain forest, underwater world scene), racing and multi-sport arena, outdoor activity center, drama club, music club, KTV, cinema, social activities center, game and entertainment center and Ocean21 restricted area – Casino entertainment city.


Mall.live holds a variety of concepts, each of which is indispensable


The official mobile token of the platform, used for commodity, purchasing of land, resource trading, services, game and entertainment, and ticketing. $LIVE token can be exchanged or earned through performing tasks, providing services, trading of goods, etc. $LIVE token is created based on BEP-20 and can be exchanged and traded on common cryptocurrency exchanger.


Tthe land. Users can only operate their business after purchasing/obtaining Tierra. Each Tierra is one and only, in other word – NFT. There are a total of 100,100 Tierra currently in mall.live. Users can build stores by purchasing Tierra with $LIVE tokens for commercial retails or services. Tierra will be known as a property/digital real estate in the mall.live meta-verse. Each piece of land is a unique NFT (BEP-721 recognized) on the Binance blockchain. Digital contents can also be built and published on Tierra. One Tierra = 15m x 15m and above.


The shopping mall. Composed of multiple lands (Tierra), a large scale digital real estate property in the mall.live meta-verse. Tierra x Tierra comes in 4 different sizes (4×4, 8×8, 16×16 and 32×32). Each mall is a unique NFT (BEP-721 recognized) on the Binance blockchain. Users can use the land in the mall to build larger commerce sales or exhibit centers, curate games and publish digital contents.


A total of 100 islands of different sizes can be found on the mall.live map, it all goes by the names of 100 greatest scientist in human history in order to pay tribute to the contribution to the scientific community. Island will be sold as whole, which then can be transferred/sold or leased through blockchain smart contracts. It can be used to develop various projects and purposes.


Aassets/resources, everything can be monetized and traded in mall.live will be called assets/resources. For example, applications or architects created by the user.

Mission Value

Our team is currently on plan developing a Web3D meta-verse world that adopts 3D model and intergrades commercial retail and game entertainment in the system. Different from any other meta-verse projects currently on the market.

The concept is intact. Infinite possibilities in the future meta world.

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Total Supply


Token Name

LIVE Token





Mall.live Roadmap

Tier 1

- Token sale
- Whitepapar V1.0
- Website V1.0
- Worldmap draft and planning
- Marketing & Social Media Start Up 
- User Pre-Registration

Tier 2

- Website V2.0- Worldmap created

- LAND NFT pre-sales round 1 and 2

- Introducing staking- Assets trading release

- Acquisition of assets: buildings, avatar apparel & more

- Introducing mini-games in the mall.live Metaverse

Tier 3

- Website V3.0 beta 

- LAND pre-sales round 3 and 4

- Introducing characters, facilities and NPC’s

- Introducing quests that will incentivize users (Play-to-Earn)

- Add decentralized Finance (DeFi) component

- Introducing to in-game staking

- Debut of ‘rare’ ingredients and materials through in-game staking

- Release Beta Version of Virtual e-commerce features

Tier 4

- Website3.0 official launch

- Multi-player feature

- PC release with VR compatibility 

- Launch of Wold Map part 1 Release

- Release Virtual e-commerce full features

- Starting to develop DAO to the mall.live metaverse

- Additional characters and NPC’s

- Launch of Character Editor Beta Version Release

- Launch of Building Editor Beta Virsion Release

- Launch of Virtual Commerce 3D product rendering upload Beta Version Release

Tier 5

- Launch World Map part 2 Release

- Additional World Map Facilities Release

- Additional mini-games 

- Introduce crafting system with all material

- Improve marketplace trading U/I

- Full Features of Virtual Commerce 3D product rendering upload

- Launch of Character Editor Full Features Release

- Launch of Building Editor Full Features Release

Tier 6

- Improve Virtual Commerce 3D product Rendering upload

- Expand international courier service gateway

- $LIVE token listed on CEX


Live Team

Sky Loi


Canny Lee


Kaithlyn Goh

Business Development Director

Kim Goh

Head Of Marketing

Gigi Lee Jia Kee

Head Of Community (Social Media, Influencer Marketing)

Yuan Key

Head Of Graphic Design

Jack Tan

Head Of IT

How To Buy


Download Metamask or Trustwallet and create a wallet.


Connect you wallet to Metamask


Deposit BNB into your wallet


Go to PancakswapV2


Select Currency and enter the $Live contract Address into the search filed: 


Click the Gogwheel and set the slippage to 5%


Set the amount you want to purchase and press the exchange swap button


Confirm the transaction

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