An open letter to users, participants and investors of

It’s clear that the meta-verse is getting traction and heading in the right direction globally. What does the future hold?

Society, politics, and culture might potentially be all influenced by the meta-verse. It holds the opportunity to expand markets, innovates social media, encourage equipment and gadget replacement, promote new set of consuming habits, and facilitate the emergence of new patents.

The meta-verse will evolve and become more formidable than anything else. If an individual company dominates the entire meta-verse, it becomes more powerful than just about any government, evolving into a monopolistic market, users won’t be the ultimate beneficiaries, they will still be constrained by the limitations of enterprise platforms and monopolize of interest. This, however, is not our objective.

In our opinion, user’s demands for “asset trading” and “cross-platform interaction” are yet to be fulfilled, blockchain is the key technology to fill these voids. To begin with, asset trades are constrained by physical space, valuable assets must be traded in person, there is currently no trading platform on the planet that is free of space and geographical constraints. Taiwanese, Japanese, and other stock markets, like those in the United States, are not interoperable, they all come with regulatory restrictions.

The cryptocurrency trading industry is ideal for bridging the gap between the two, it provide trading tools that are equivalent to those used in current financial markets, spot, futures, and mutual funds are all covered, its paradigm is already seen in the ecosystems of DeFi and NFT, all done by decentralized and interoperable transactions, thousands of cryptocurrency exchanges around the world trade on the same platform, recorded in the same database, quotation has likewise attained a certain level of effectiveness, which brings us back to the core value of the blockchain: solving the trust issues.

The meta-verse is a collective asset of global technology and human civilization’s historical growth, it should not be limited to one platform, multi-platform docking should be developed in the future. web3.0 emphasizes on platform interoperability and user sovereignty, ecosystems are impossible for massive internet corporations to establish. The world needs the multiverse. At, we are adamant about meta-verse development.

We are proponents of a vast meta-verse, involving collection of e-commerce, leisure, office, social, and games, simultaneously carried out in a decentralized manner, everyone can have an equal right to create and manage business, a multiverse for platforms to connect openly.

In the future virtual world of the meta-verse, cryptocurrencies will allow people to trade and create freely. Getting into the meta-verse doesn’t require putting on a lot of gear or gadget. The foundation for a realistic virtual world has already been established by blockchain technology. Those online behemoths who proclaim the meta-verse have undeniable clout, however, “cross-platform compatibility” remains the meta-verse’s most crucial component, internet companies are hesitant to open up their ecosystems for other businesses. Therefore, we believe that opening up a decentralized blockchain innovation, as well as a model that combines commercial value with entertainment content, will be the next big thing.

In our perspective and goal, the meta-verse as a whole needs to bring these 15 aspects together, that includes resource sharing, blockchain technology, a complete ecosystem, wisdom civilization, immersive experience, economic structure that is both safe and transparent, development and docking of metaverseplatform, diversification, instant effect whenever wherever, minimum latency technology, personal information, public participation, healthy social activities, innovative system, and decentralized management (which we will implement in multiple stages).

We ensure that meta-verse technologies and platforms are inclusive and exploitative in their creation and usage. Our team will work closely with field professionals of blockchain technology, data privacy and security, e-commerce software development, and virtual reality software development, to improve the meta-verse’s user experience, open up docking of the multiverse, create a sense of security for user’s personal information. We’re also looking on an operating model in which all users are proprietors of the meta-verse platform, in hope of practicing a healthy development and competition in the meta-verse’s burgeoning sector.

Barriers of race, geographical constraints, and other factors will be removed in the meta-verse of, it provide every user freedom of opportunities to befriend, everyone’s ingenuity will be eternally liberated in the meta-verse. Without a question, the meta-verse is the way of the future.

Currently,’s meta-verse proposal may not be comparable to the ones that of the bigger consortiums are coming up with, but it’s only a matter of time before it happens. Furthermore, the developed mete-verse of theirs will be reliant on one server, it’s limited to virtual jobs and games, not the ideal meta-verse that we’re talking about. now provides netizens all over the world with a fantastic opportunity to develop and experience the new meta-verse world without any sense of separation, simply grasping the concept of diversity, decentralize meta-verse as a common notion. A resource sharing, diverse, and decentralizing meta-verse. This is how the meta-verse of the future should look.

You are invited and welcomed to join us if you believe in the same metaphysical theory as we do.



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